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Death Cafes

A Death Café: Conversations about Death

Bringing people together in a safe, relaxed setting for discussions about all aspects of death, dying and living with the conscious awareness of death.

About Death Cafés, by End-of-Life Navigation

Death Café. These are two words that we don’t necessarily expect to see together. However, since 2011, when Jon Underwood used the work of Swiss sociologist, Bernard Crettaz to put together the first Death Café in England, there have been over 5800 Death Cafés in 52 countries.


Death Cafés are places where people gather, either in homes, public spaces, or actual cafés, to discuss all matters related to death. Participants speak about their experiences, ideas, beliefs, hopes and fears. They have an opportunity to listen deeply to themselves and to others. They quite likely will be introduced to perspectives that they haven’t considered, and they may learn new information that they can use to support themselves and others. As well, in the safety of strangers who are willing to listen and to dialogue, they may discover thoughts and ideas that they haven’t been able to speak out loud before.


The stated objective for Death Cafés “is to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their (finite) lives.” This all sounds very serious but be prepared for a lot of laughter. Participants often express surprise at the end of the café at how uplifted and energized they feel.

The structure of Death Cafés are quite simple. They never have a preplanned agenda. It is always the participants who direct the discussion. The facilitator is there to guide the group to create a safe container for the conversations. Death Cafés are always not-for-profit, although there may be a donation or fee to cover costs. Finally, there are always sweet treats and beverages available.

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