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Since the beginning of my journey as an End of Life Navigator, I have been aware that there are numerous skills needed to support people who are preparing for the end of life or are grieving.  My initial training offered a broad perspective of the many aspects of end of life. I continue to hone more specific skills through additional training and practice.  However, I noticed that the approaches I was learning and offering lacked the opportunity to facilitate the expression of the creative, intuitive, non-rational, or verbal self.  Expressive arts are modalities that do this. They provide an outlet for emotional expression, meaning-making, self-care, self-insight, and reflection. Research shows that expressive arts can improve pain, fatigue, anxiety, and depression.  In 2018 I discovered SoulCollage® and completely fell in love. Shortly after, I gratefully took the opportunity to become a SoulCollage® facilitator.


SoulCollage® honours the transformative power of the imagination. It is a way of working with both sides of the brain, accessing right brain information--intuition and imagination--through imagery, and then interpreting that information with left-brain insights, through writing. SoulCollage® is a creative process that gives visual and poetic expression to the many facets of your inner self, life experiences, and soul's journey. SoulCollage® is an amazing vehicle for personal transformation and healing.

Briefly, the SoulCollage® process is to look through images to find one that intuitively calls us. We cut it out, then select a background which seems right for that image. Our intuitive self will gravitate to powerful pictures with symbolic meaning for us. The images are assembled on 5X8 inch mat stock. Using a gestalt technique, we journal by asking the card to tell us about who it is and what it has to say to us.  Often we don't know why an image calls us, or we are certain we know, but when the card is fully assembled it's amazing what it can say to us and what new insights we can access.


One of the things I appreciate about SoulCollage® is that it is about creativity and not artist competence. If you are drawn to images, stories, myths, archetypes, and knowing yourself more deeply, SoulCollage® will be a powerful vehicle for self-understanding and transformation.

SoulCollage® is for personal use, so using copyright protected images from magazines and books is acceptable.  It is possible though to make your cards from copyright-free sources, which is especially important if you want to share them on the internet or in other published forums. Currently, I do not have any copyright-free cards, so the cards shown above have been generously shared by other SoulCollage® facilitators. *